Resalers, Influencers, Collaborators

Jewelry Resale

Do you curate your own shop that Good Earth HV Jewelry would be a good fit for?
Good Earth Hudson Valley is proud to offer discounted items for resale with no obligation to any minimum quantities. 
Let us know what style you are interested in or if you have something different in mind.
Exclusive custom orders will require a minimum order quantity.

E-mail for information about discounted pricing.

Influencers & Stylists

Do you give social media your all and trying new products to share with others?
Good Earth Hudson Valley is currently partnering with micro-influencers to spread the word! 

E-mail for information about influencer partnerships.

Visual Artists & Musicians

Are you an visual artist or musician that you believe would be a great collaborator for the brand?
Good Earth Hudson Valley believes that creativity is a must and is dedicated to empowering other creatives. Let us know what types of projects you have in mind!  

E-mail for information about artist collaborations.